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Detectorists finished off its six week record breaking run with a continuity announcement for fans… the show has been re-commissioned for 2015!

Digging Up A Gem

Detectorists 6 x 30 minutes BBC4

Mackenzie Crook’s new sitcom Detectorists launches to the second highest audience for the 10pm BBC4 slot in the last 12 months.  The show goes on to be the channel’s highest rated debut comedy series and is universally acclaimed by critics:

‘Detectorists has been a joy’ (Sunday Times), ‘fields of mud filled with comedy gold’ (Sunday Telegraph), ‘beautifully acted and written, Detectorists is a rare treasure’ (The Times).

All You Need Is Love

Written and directed by Channel X North’s Matt Tiller, Food Of Love is the company’s latest comedy pilot; and not only any old comedy pilot… a pilot with songs. Starring Diana Vickers, David Elms and Javone Prince.