Liam Mullone’s Disappointing World

Beat the Sunday night blues (or exacerbate them, as the case may be) by joining Liam Mullone as he explores his Disappointing World in our new pilot for BBC Radio 4, on Sunday 4th October at 7:15pm.

British comedy’s only contrarian libertarian antiquarian, Liam Mullone tackles the universal theme that sums up all human endeavour – disappointment.

In this comedy lecture dedicated to history’s losers Liam celebrates some enormously bad ideas from the world of technology.

He tells the hubristic story of Sweden’s 17th Century warship, The Vasa, which was even more disappointing than The Mary Rose. Some of NASA’s most inspiration-lacking ventures are laid bare. And Frenchman Marcel Lucont honours countryman Jacques Cousteau and his cigarette smoke-filled Conshelf stations in a song.